The History of ACGME International


In 2009, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) was approached by Singapore’s Ministry of Health with a request to extend its accreditation model outside of the United States. From there, the path for ACGME International (ACGME-I) was paved. In 2023, ACGME-I accredits institutions and programs in 12 countries on three continents and continues to grow.


  • Pilot program with Singapore launches.


  • National Healthcare Group, National University Health System, and Singapore Health Services become the first ACGME-I-accredited Sponsoring Institutions, initially with 19 ACGME-I-accredited programs.


  • ACGME-I expands to the Gulf Region, accrediting six Sponsoring Institutions in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, and one in Qatar.


  • Accreditation activities increase as 50 programs achieve Initial Accreditation in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, and Singapore.


  • American University of Beirut achieves Initial Accreditation, becoming the first accredited Sponsoring Institution in Lebanon.
  • Dr. Susan H. Day is named Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs for ACGME-I and is charged with leading the entity through its transformation into an independent, not-for-profit organization.


  • ACGME-I expands its accreditation services to Oman, as the Oman Medical Specialty Board achieves Initial Accreditation as a Sponsoring Institution.
  • A significant landmark is reached as more than 100 graduate medical education programs are accredited by ACGME-I.


  • King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital achieves Initial Accreditation, becoming the first ACGME-I-accredited Sponsoring Institution in Saudi Arabia.
  • The number of accredited programs continues to grow, with 34 new programs across five countries receiving Initial Accreditation.


  • Another key landmark is reached as more than 3,000 learners are enrolled in ACGME-I-accredited programs around the world.


  • Dr. Abdullatif Al Khal and Ms. Jillian Ang Andrada are the inaugural winners of the annual ACGME International Awards.


  • Marking its 10-year anniversary, ACGME-I is formally established as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, governed by an independent Board of Directors. Dr. Day continues to lead the organization as its inaugural President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
  • The total number of ACGME-I-accredited programs exceeds 150.
  • Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais in Haiti achieves Initial Accreditation, becoming the first ACGME-I-accredited Sponsoring Institution in Haiti and the Americas.


  • Aga Khan University in Pakistan and its Medical College of East Africa in Kenya become the first ACGME-I-accredited Sponsoring Institutions in both countries, the latter being the first in Africa.


  • Unidad Nacional de Oncología Pediátrica in Guatemala (in conjunction with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital) and Jordan University of Science and Technology in Jordan become the first ACGME-I-accredited Sponsoring Institutions in their countries.
  • The first resident and fellow members join the Review Committees-International.
  • Dr. James A. Arrighi becomes the new President and CEO of ACGME-I.



  • ACGME-I expands accreditation activities to Vietnam as VinUni College of Health Sciences becomes the first Sponsoring Institution in the country to achieve ACGME-I accreditation.
  • ACGME-I begins to accredit pediatric surgery (integrated) and obesity medicine/bariatric medicine – the first specialty and subspecialty accredited by ACGME-I that are not accredited in the US by the ACGME.
  • The first public members (non-physician representatives) join the Review Committees-International.
  • ACGME-I launches its LinkedIn presence.
  • The first programs in Singapore make the transition from ACGME-I accreditation to their new locally administered Accreditation of Postgraduate Medical Education Singapore system, of which ACGME Global Services is a strategic advisor.