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“Making it Count Twice: Turning the Work of Accreditation into Medical Education Scholarship”
With the new programs, ACGME-I now accredits more than 200 GME programs at 24 Sponsoring Institutions in 12 countries.
Eight dedicated volunteers will step down at the end of the academic year, including both Chairs.
Submit session proposals before 14 June for the 2025 ACGME Annual Educational Conference
Select sessions from the conference can now be viewed through ACGME-I’s distance learning platform
ACGME-I explores recent data on subspecialty education and training for residents who have completed ACGME-I-accredited programs and how to build on that momentum.
Do you know colleagues who deserve to win the Physician Leader, Physician Educator, or Staff Awards?
Review highlights from the largest gathering of GME professionals in the world that took place in early March in Orlando, sparking new collaborations and strengthening existing connections.
Read about the many educational sessions at #ACGME2024, where GME professionals from around the world gathered to focus on strengthening global GME together.
Learn more about the 2024 ACGME International Staff Awardee.
The Doha-based hospital becomes the third ACGME-I-accredited Sponsoring Institution in Qatar.
Twelve new GME programs achieve Initial Accreditation, including the first programs at International Medical Center in Saudi Arabia and VinUniversity in Vietnam.
Learn more about the 2024 ACGME International Physician Educator Awardee.
Learn more about the 2024 ACGME International Physician Leader Award recipient.
Sign into Explore and review the contents of the Milestones and faculty development session.
Nominations are open to current residents or fellows to serve as resident members on its Editorial Board.
Learn more about ACGME-I faculty development resources and how best to use them to develop an effective Milestones transition plan at a virtual workshop 31 January 2024.
The Journal of Graduate Medical Education is seeking contributions for a special supplement to highlight intersections between climate and GME.
ACGME-I leadership engaged with the GME communities at conferences in Indonesia, Taiwan, and Vietnam.
ACGME-I looks forward to seeing colleagues and friends in Orlando, Florida, US, on 7-9 March 2024 for the largest gathering of GME professionals in the world!
Milestones specialists held in-person workshop with the team at the American University of Beirut.
The busy agenda included meetings with local partners to build and strengthen ties, as well as conducting a workshop to further understanding of Milestones 2.0.
The latest Milestones workshop was held with team at Oman Medical Specialty Board.
Honorees come from ACGME-I-accredited Sponsoring Institutions in Pakistan and Qatar.
Milestones workshop series continues with Jordan University of Science and Technology.
Programs in developmental-behavioral pediatrics; pediatric hospital medicine; reproductive endocrinology and infertility; and sports medicine can now apply for ACGME-I accreditation.
Milestones workshop series continues with Guatemala’s Unidad Nacional de Oncología Pediátrica.
The 2022-2023 ACGME International Annual Report captures the work and dedication of the organization, its partners, and accredited institutions and programs across the globe over the course of a very productive academic year.
Explore an opportunity to present your academic work at the largest gathering of GME professionals in the world.
VinUni College of Health Sciences achieves Initial Accreditation.
New programs accredited in Jordan, Kenya, and Qatar; new Sponsoring Institution accredited in Vietnam; and new members join Review Committees-International.
Neurology and pathology residency programs at Jordan University of Science and Technology become the first ACGME-I-accredited programs in the country.
First workshop in series held with Haiti’s Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais.
Family medicine and internal medicine at Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais become the first ACGME-I accredited programs in Haiti.
Advanced Specialty Program Requirements for pediatric surgery (integrated) residency programs and for obesity medicine/bariatric medicine fellowship programs have been approved by the ACGME-I Board.
Review the recording of a webinar held 11 May 2023 that provides more information about Milestones 2.0, available in ACGME-I’s online learning portal, Explore.
The revised Milestones are now posted on the ACGME-I website. A free one-hour webinar will be presented on 11 May to assist programs in implementing the revised Milestones.
The annual ACGME-I Resident/Fellow and Faculty Surveys will be available from 13 March to 16 April 2023 for programs in Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.
A recap of the recent meeting of the Review Committees-International in Abu Dhabi, where eight new programs achieved accreditation.
A look back at ACGME International's activities during the conference, including its educational sessions, reception, presence at the ACGME Hub, and so much more.
Follow ACGME International’s new Twitter account (@ACGMEI). Remember to use the hashtag #ACGMEI as well.
In the third quarter of 2022, two new Sponsoring Institutions and six new programs achieved ACGME International accreditation.
Recognizing individuals who have played an integral role in pursuing excellence in their graduate medical education (GME) programs, ACGME International (ACGME-I) is proud to announce the 2023 ACGME International Award recipients. Winners will be honored at the ACGME Annual Educational Conference in February 2023, to take place in Nashville, Tennessee.
Using the themes of stability, growth, and innovation, this first ACGME International Annual Report captures the work and dedication of the organization, its partners, and accredited institutions and programs across the globe during a profoundly challenging time in health care. This report covers Academic Year 2021-2022, but reflects with pride on ACGME-I’s first decade and looks to the future with optimism and passion for a better tomorrow.
Chicago, IL – June 9, 2021 -Today ACGME International (ACGME-I) announced James A. Arrighi, MD as its new President and Chief Executive Officer, effective September 2021. In this role, Dr. Arrighi will focus on expanding the organization globally, forging partnerships with medical educators, and prioritizing opportunities and educational programs in developing countries with limited resources.
When medical students graduate, an oath is taken that is central to physicians' commitment. This pledge is universal. Hear from members of the ACGME-I community below. The profession of medicine places patients at the center, both in education and in practice.
COVID-19 Update

ACGME International is continuing its activities during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Please continue providing input; ACGME-I apologizes for any modest delays in response time. Continue to email as the primary means of communication. Contact individual staff members as appropriate.

Thank you to all who are contributing to patient care and medical education. It is both a privilege and a responsibility to remain focused on the well-being of patients, residents, fellows, faculty members, and administrators. Remember to care for yourself and for others!

Susan H. Day, MD has been appointed the new President and Chief Executive Officer of ACGME International (ACGME-I) after serving as its Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs for the last five years. ACGME-I provides accreditation services to graduate medical education (GME) programs and institutions outside of the United States and its territories to improve health care in the countries it serves.
The ACGME-I is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s awards, who have made exemplary contributions to international accreditation efforts. Both recipients will attend and be honored at the ACGME Annual Educational Conference in March. In addition, the ACGME-I is now accepting nominations for the next Awards Cycle. Visit the ACGME International Awards page to read about the winners’ achievements and to submit your nominations for next year’s awards.