Resident/Fellow and Faculty Survey Dates Announcement

ACGME-I Resident/Fellow and Faculty Surveys Are Available

The annual ACGME-I Resident/Fellow and Faculty Surveys will be available from 13 March to 16 April 2023 for programs in the following countries:

  • Lebanon
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore
  • United Arab Emirates

Aggregated survey results are important data points that are considered annually by the Review Committees-International. Programs must have at least a 70-percent response rate on the surveys to receive their results. Any program with fewer than four learners will receive multi-year results once more than four learners have completed the Resident/Fellow Survey.

Although program directors cannot tell learners how to respond to the survey questions, it can be useful to have a conversation about the survey, so that learners understand its importance and there is a shared understanding of the questions. Some examples of areas to cover:

  • Explaining non-physician obligations, which are routine patient care activities that can be performed by others. This would include tasks such as drawing blood or transporting patients. It does not include writing clinical notes or completing clinical consultation reports.
  • Informing learners that aggregated results are used during the annual review of the program and provide examples of when such review has resulted in specific changes.
  • Explaining when the program has provided instruction on fatigue management; how learners can access the goals and objectives for each assignment; and, where they can find the overall goals and objectives for the program.

Also, program directors can use the following definitions to help faculty members and learners understand the response options on the ACGME-I Resident/Fellow and Faculty Surveys:

  • Very often: very frequently, extremely often
  • Often: frequently, many times, not seldom
  • Rarely: infrequently
  • Never: at no time, not ever