Next Accreditation System International (NAS-I)

A Board Room Meeting


Accreditation is a validation that standards are being met. ACGME-I accreditation addresses the standards for graduate medical education. Meeting these standards is a true journey away from an “old” to a “new” way of education.

When programs first start this journey, the learning curve requires that accreditation be process driven: Program Information Forms (PIFs); site visits; and Review Committee accreditation decisions at one- to three-year intervals. As programs mature and demonstrate compliance with standards, the ACGME-I understands the importance of relieving the burden of such processes. These programs transition to a different system of accreditation: the Next Accreditation System International (NAS-I).

The NAS-I model is truly a continuous approach, in that an accreditation decision is made on an annual basis by the Review Committee. This accreditation decision does NOT require PIFs or site visits, but rather is based on outcomes as reflected in data collection. No new data entries are required and data collection occurs at defined times and is structured to reduce administrative burden on programs; however the annual review of data heightens the imperative for accurate, complete data submission.

To summarize:

  1. The NAS-I is implemented in “mature” programs to reduce administrative burden related to maintenance of accreditation.
  2. Its continuous accreditation model allows for resolution of citations more promptly and attention to programs struggling to meet requirements..
  3. The NAS-I’s emphasis on data-driven decisions heightens the need for accurate, complete data submission by programs.


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