In-Person Milestones Workshops Continue

To better prepare Sponsoring Institutions and programs for the full implementation of Milestones 2.0, staff members from the ACGME Milestones team and ACGME-I have embarked on a series of in-person workshops that will involve every accredited Sponsoring Institution.

The most recent workshop was held in Houston, Texas, US in early September with the team from Unidad Nacional de Oncología Pediátrica (UNOP) in Guatemala. Much like the previous workshop held with Haiti’s Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais, the opportunity to work with Milestones 2.0 specialists offered the UNOP team an opportunity to gain detailed knowledge on how to implement and use the new Milestones, including program-specific considerations.


These in-person workshops will continue throughout the coming months to better prepare Sponsoring Institutions and programs for Milestones 2.0, as their use will be required beginning January 2024.

Learn more about the Milestones here.

Future dates and locations of these workshops will be sent directly to the Sponsoring Institutions and included in the ACGME-I’s monthly e-Communication newsletter.