Updates from the July Review Committees-International Meeting


The Review Committees-International held their biannual meeting in Chicago. Review Committees are responsible for reviewing institutions’ and programs’ compliance with established ACGME-I requirements, and for developing new requirements and recommending accreditation policies for approval by the ACGME-I Board of Directors.

The two-day meeting of volunteer members, including four new members, issued the following accreditation decisions effective 1 July 2023.

VinUni College of Health Sciences in Hanoi, Vietnam became the first Sponsoring Institution in the country to achieve Initial Accreditation (read more here).

Two programs at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) – neurology and pathology – became the first GME programs to achieve initial accreditation in Jordan (read more here).

Three new residency programs – obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and radiology – at Aga Khan University Medical College of East Africa in Kenya achieved Initial Accreditation, bringing the total number of ACGME-I-accredited programs at that institution to four.

Two programs based in long-standing accredited Sponsoring Institutions in Qatar also achieved Initial Accreditation: dermatology at Hamad Medical Corporation and pediatric anesthesiology at Sidra Medicine.

ACGME-I now accredits 188 residency and fellowship programs in 22 Sponsoring Institutions in 12 countries.

The Review Committees also welcomed four new members at the meeting, including its first public members:

  • James Anderson, MD: Oregon Health & Science University, US – Radiology
  • Ann E. Burke, MD, MBA, FAAP: Dayton Children’s Hospital, US – Pediatrics
  • Nadia Khouri, MPH: Tahaddi, Lebanon – Public Member
  • Julie George Sakkab, MNA: American University of Beirut, Lebanon – Public Member


A public member serves on the Review Committee to share the perspective of the public, foster accountability to the needs of the public, enrich the work of the committee through outside expertise, and create transparency in the committee’s work.

The Review Committees-International also thanked its departing members for their hard work and dedication to strengthening GME across the world as volunteers: Stephen Ludwig, MD; Tarek Shahrour, MD; and Kay Vydareny, MD.

The Review Committees-International will next meet in January 2024.

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