Call for Papers: JGME Special Supplement on Climate and GME

The Journal of Graduate Medical Education (JGME) has issued a Call for Papers for a forthcoming journal supplement, to be published in 2024, dedicated to highlighting the intersections between climate and graduate medical education (GME).

The goal of this supplement is to enhance access for GME programs worldwide to curriculum, faculty development, assessments, and other resources on climate change and GME. Where there are gaps, articles that provide specific research directions for enhancing our understanding of the intersections of patients, residents/fellows, GME programs, and those marginalized or underserved by health care are strongly encouraged.

Some examples of potential intersections between climate and GME:

  • Climate determinants of health: Can residents counsel a patient who must work outside during extreme heat (e.g., construction, agriculture, landscaping, or package delivery workers)?
  • Vector-borne conditions: Can residents describe how climate change-related occurrences, such rising temperatures, storms, fires, flooding, and power outages, produce different vector-borne conditions?
  • Climate-related disasters: Can residents identify which clinical conditions are most at risk for decompensation in situations of severe weather (e.g., heat, cold)?
  • Medications: Can residents identify which medicines may promote heat exhaustion, stroke, or dehydration?
  • Health center access and power loss: How will residents and faculty members access the health center during flooding and other extreme events or in prolonged blackouts?

Authors can find guidance on how to submit a manuscript on the JGME website. When submitting articles for the climate supplement, indicate the topic area (e.g., curriculum, assessments, faculty development) in your cover letter. Submissions are due by 15 January 2024. Email with any questions.