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Peer review is considered to be the gold standard for accreditation. Decisions made by like-minded experts who must work by the same rules and guidelines they are using to evaluate programs helps to maintain quality and patient safety and improve graduate medical education in ACGME-I-accredited Sponsoring Institutions and programs. The membership of the Review Committees-International includes a broad range of specialties and countries to support the peer-review process.

2015-2016 ACGME-I Data Resource Book

The ACGME-I is pleased to once again provide a compilation of data collected during the academic year.

In mid-August 2016, a seven-person delegation from the Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA) visited ACGME Headquarters to learn about the ACGME’s accreditation of institutions and programs. CMDA is the largest medical association in China, representing 2.1 million practicing physicians.

The 20-23 July 2016 Review Committee-International meeting marked a turning point for ACGME International. The changes described below are a consequence of the growth of the number of programs, the desire to increase the representation of international members on the Committee, and the desire to expand the specialties represented on the Committee to provide "content expertise" in more areas.

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